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Living Live Assistant

An AI-powered Chatbot Assistant that can represent your church and ministry FOR you.

How it Works

1. Register

Register your organization with our Living.LIVE service

2. Install

Once registered, you can add the Living.LIVE assistant to your website

3. Reload

Reload your website to see the changes. A chat widget will appear on the lower right hand corner of your browser

4. Chat Away

Go ahead and chat your inquiry away with this powerful assistant to help you find your answers

Our Product:

The Living Live Assistant

Empower your church or business with the Living Live Chatbot Assistant, the ultimate AI-powered assistant designed to enhance engagement, streamline communication, and provide essential information to your congregation, clients, and customers. With the Living Live Chatbot Assistant, you’re not just getting a chat assistant – you’re getting a dedicated partner in fostering connection and community.


Information Dissemenation

Our chat assistant can provide instant access to information about church services, events, importnat company info, and contact details. This can be especially helpful for newcomers or individuals seeking specific information about your church or business.


Prayer Requests and Support

Many people turn to their faith for support during challenging times. A chat assistant can provide a platform for members to submit prayer requests or seek spiritual guidance from your church leaders. It can also offer resources like scriptures, devotions, or links to online sermons. If you’re a business owner, this AI chat assistant can help answer your customer’s inwuiries in no time.


Event Coordination

Your church or company often host various events, from worship services to community outreach programs. Our chatbot can assist you in event coordination by providing details about upcoming events, handling registrations, and sending reminders or updates to attendees.

Ready for an intelligent experience?

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